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Help – I’ve Hit A Plateau

So, you started a weight loss program a few weeks ago and you were slowly losing weight but suddenly your scale will not budge. What should you do?

The first question is how much effort are you really putting in? It is very easy to find an excuse to skip a workout or eat something you know you shouldn’t, but there is truly just one major rule when it comes to your personal health and fitness journey- achieving your goals depends on the efforts of only one person – YOU!

If you’ve hit a plateau, consider this:

Are you cutting too many calories? Food deprivation can lower your metabolism and make your plateau last longer. Avoid decreasing calories too much and drink at least half your body weight in water.

Review your fitness plan. Does your routine need change? When you do the same thing repeatedly, your body adjusts and becomes more efficient at said activity. If you have been doing the same routine for a while and are not getting the results, then you probably need a change. Mix things up, go for a run/walk, start lifting weights, join a sports league or have a race with your kids or grandkids in the backyard. Remember, fitness can be fun!

How are you talking to yourself? If you are not already, become aware of how you talk to yourself and take notice of the thoughts that are moving through your mind when it’s time to exercise. If you catch any negative ones creeping in, nip those in the bud before they start to blossom and set a tone for your entire day!

How often are you weighing yourself? If you are focused on your weight and not your energy levels, I want you to reframe that right now. Did you know that your body weight can vary as much as five pounds per day? Things like hormones, caloric intake and fluids all play a role – the scale is simply a number and not meant to be an indicator of health.

How much more weight do you need to lose? Is the goal that you are striving for realistic? It is not likely that you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Permanent weight loss is losing an average of 1-2 pounds per week, which equates to 4-8 pounds per month. A faster rate of weight loss is usually due to loss of muscle and water, which can be detrimental to your health. Set realistic goals for yourself – that’s good for both your waist line and your mental health.

The most important aspect of breaking your plateau is patience. You didn’t get out of shape overnight, so don’t expect to reverse what you did in a week. Being fit is a never-ending battle. Even when you finally get where you want to be, you’ll still have to work hard to maintain it.

if you need assistance, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help from local fitness professionals. Medina County has many great facilities with some educated wellness professionals to help you reach your goals safely. A thorough health and fitness assessment along with a nutrition plan that fits your needs should always be a part of your health and wellness plan.

Stay focused, create positivity in yourself and those around you, and live every day with intention.

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