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Cancer Prevention

That word cancer is a scary term that no one wants to hear. But did you know that 95% of what causes cancer is environmental and lifestyle choices? Only 5% is genetics. So, like most hard-to-talk-about topics, I believe education and sharing of information are critical so that we can all make the right choices for ourselves every single day.

The past few months have been interesting as we have seen more clients coming in for thermal imaging to see where their heat patterns are and how hot those inflammatory markers are registering. I spoke to one of our Interpreting Medical Doctors, who has been interpreting thermal images for almost 20 years and has seen many cancers become aggressive, who told me that she is seeing a rise in all types of cancer and noticing that the heat patterns on our thermal clients are two degrees higher than in previous years.

So, what do these cancer patients have in common? In breast cancers, some of what we are seeing is, low Vitamins D and E with low iodine levels. Promising studies are in progress now that show the impact of Vitamin E may have on shrinking cancerous tumors. Use of aluminum deodorant, a major contributor to lymphatic congestion, is often common among patients. It’s quite fascinating to see the lymphatic system congested in a thermogram image. You can actually see the inflammation trail down the neck, into the armpit and down to the groin. If you stink and are wearing deodorant, you may want to find out what is happening in your gut. We always look at gut health if someone has a smelly problem. As a general rule of thumb, do your best to make sure everything that passes your lips is high quality and not processed.

Another common denominator with cancer patients is their daily toxic exposure. Heavy metals, pathogens, molds, and more. We discuss everything from the toothpaste that they are brushing with to the shower products, makeup and lotions/sunscreens that they are applying every day. I recommend working with a functional wellness practitioner who will not only order unique labs to get to the root of your problem but who is also trained to interpret those tests for you.

I’ve mentioned root canals and oral health issues in previous columns, but I always like to remind those that have any oral health problems to please see a biological dentist for treatment. If you have any metal amalgams, root canals or gum infections, it’s a must to get a cone beam x-ray by a qualified dentist. I have not found a biological dentist in our local area so if we have any biological dentists out there, please reach out.

Past trauma has been another common denominator. There are some really great counselors in Medina that are qualified to help you through this trauma. It’s an important part of healing and is often overlooked. Your mental health plays such an important role to your physical health.

Finally, we all know the importance of clean food—no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol. In the past we’ve talked about the importance of meditation, sleep, turning off WiFi at night and creating a safe, dark place for rest and repair. Start adding these suggestions to your daily regimen, especially if you have been diagnosed with cancer.

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