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Does cell phone radiation cause cancer?

Are you experiencing any symptoms like insomnia, headaches, dizziness, or poor digestion? Did you know that those conditions are all possible symptoms of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) exposure? Most people have no idea that disease and illnesses can be caused or aggravated by EMF exposure.

Next question, do you own a cell phone?

With the health risks of cell phones and EMF radiation becoming more widely known, many people ask me different variations of the same question: “Will my phone give me cancer?” While that question used to be more difficult to answer, in the past few decades, quite a bit of evidence has accumulated demonstrating a strong link between cell phones and increased risk of developing cancer.

Scientists say that using your cell phone just 30 minutes a day can increase your risk of a brain tumor by 40%. An extensive 10-year U.S. federal study recently concluded “clear evidence of cancer” from cell phone radiation. A research paper that reviewed 11 of these different studies found, “a link between prolonged cell phone usage and the development of an ipsilateral (same side of head as cell phone) brain tumor.”

In 2016, the National Cancer Institute found that in children 19 and under, cancer rates have increased by 27% since 1975. And for children, brain and nervous system tumors are the second most common type. So, although it is still rare for a child to be diagnosed with cancer (they only account for 1 out of every 100 new cases in this country), the fact that we’re seeing such a significant increase in a population that is lacking the disease’s greatest risk factor means it’s likely that environmental factors are to blame.

We know that all cell phones emit a form of radiation known as radio frequency (RF) waves. While less harmful than ionized radiation, like gamma rays or x-rays, RF waves do have the potential of affecting tissue. Rising usage of cell phones means that more people will be facing the harmful side effects of RF waves and radiation.

When you turn on your cell phone and other wireless devices, they emit RF radiation continually, even if they are not being actively used, because they are always communicating with cell towers. The dose intensity tails off with increasing distance from the body and reaches a maximum when the devices are used next to the head during phone calls or in front of the body during texting or tweeting.

It’s amazing what we see in our Thermography office with those that use a cell phone. The image that you see next to this article is of a gentleman that was asked not to use his cell phone for two hours prior to his appointment. A before image was taken after he acclimated to the thermal imaging room. He was then asked to talk on his cell phone for 15 minutes while holding it against his head. An image of the side of his head that he held the phone was then taken. Can you see the intense heat patterns?

So, what should you do to limit exposure? Turn those phones off or put in airplane mode when not in use. Never place the cell near your head or on your body when turned on and limit cell phone usage in your children.

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