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Love at First Sight

Valentine’s Day, a day filled with an extra dose of love and kindness that we all could use right now, the air seems a little lighter and talks of friendships that turned into more swirl about. First dates are remembered, first kisses are celebrated, and virtues of dedication and commitment are honored. Love that blossoms is beautiful but what about love that happens in a single moment – do you believe in that? Do you believe that those butterflies in your belly are a sign of something more? Do you believe that it can take no more than a stolen glance to change your life?

Do you believe in Love at First Sight?

Psychology Today reports that love at first sight is experienced by people stemming from a strong pull or attraction that makes someone open to the possibilities of a relationship. Additionally, their research shows that if that single love at first sight moment develops into a long-term relationship, that relationship has a greater chance of achieving better quality. That seems like a worthwhile reason to give in to that pull and turn what may have felt like a fleeting moment into something more.

Maybe, Love at First Sight was that cute little puppy that you picked out as a child - you know the one with the furry little face that just melted your heart. Or maybe it was that perfect sweater that you found in Marshalls - that vibrant color that made you look 10 years younger!

Or perhaps it was that freckled face boy or girl on the elementary bus. That was it for me. I was in third grade at St Francis, he was in fifth grade at public school - an “older boy” - new to the neighborhood.

I’ll never forget seeing him giggle as my 6 other siblings would be running down the long driveway racing to the end and hoping that Mrs. Kerns, our bus driver, wouldn’t pass us by, which she often did. His faced pressed against the bus window watching as we all loudly clamored aimlessly onto that long yellow bus.

Years went by, smiles were exchanged, both of us too shy to start up a conversation and then that day came when he no longer rode my bus – he was 16 and was driving to school now. Public high school started for me and I never saw him. At least, not until the end of my 10th grade year. Our paths crossed in the hallway…. we looked at each other, saying nothing… but it was that nothing that meant everything!

My senior year of high school we had a dance club here in Medina called Jaxx. It was at that club that our paths crossed once again and we started dating. Two years later we married, 5 months pregnant when an ultrasound showed a baby boy would be joining our newly formed family.

Imagine our surprise when we delivered a baby girl! As I looked into the eyes of my newborn, eyes filled with wonder and surprise, a familiar feeling came over me. It was love at first sight. Three years later we were blessed with another baby girl and I found myself in awe as my heart grew and made room for more love – love at first sight.

Our marriage continues to be filled with adventure, laughter, love, and gratitude. We take our wedding vows seriously…for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…in sickness and in health. Almost losing that freckled face boy 20 years ago while they were installing a mechanical aortic valve and then once again almost losing him 7 years ago as a pacemaker was implanted when his electrical system malfunctioned.

It was our then-5-year-old granddaughter that gifted him a will to live. A will to survive. A will to become more active. To eat better and to drink less. It was that same granddaughter that blessed us with another moment of love at first sight – when they placed that beautiful baby in our arms & we never realized the joy that that jubilant baby girl would bring us. Years later, God then blessed us with two of the most hilarious, active baby boys and each moment we have with those rambunctious kiddos makes us fall in love all over again.

Isn’t it kind of amazing how a person, who was once a total stranger, can suddenly and without warning mean the entire world to you 38 years later? This holiday season I encourage you to show someone close to you a little extra love and perhaps extra kindness to a stranger – you never know, they just might end up being your love at first sight.

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