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National Women’s History Month

The women empowerment movement is thriving! Women have been trailblazers in so many monumental events in our history, it’s only right they are celebrated. This month of March we celebrate National Women’s History Month dedicated to those glass-ceiling shattering visionaries and revolutionary women who have fought for equality on behalf of women today and for the women of the future.

Early celebrations focused on the U.S. suffrage movement and highlighted contributions of a galaxy of pioneers—from Abigail Adams to Harriett Tubman—as well as women who were “firsts”: the first Supreme Court justice, first astronaut, first female Nobel Prize recipient, and so many more.

In 1980, I was a junior in high school when I learned that President Jimmy Carter had just declared National Women’s History Week to be celebrated on March 8th. The following year, Congress changed the one-day celebration to an entire week celebration and then just a few years later in 1987, after I had brought two more strong women into the world, the National Women’s History Week became National Women’s History Month.

Jump back well over a century to find that the first woman medical doctor in the United States, Elizabeth Blackwell, spent some of her life living in Cincinnati. She was a huge activist for participation of females in the medical profession. She also opened her own medical college for women. The first of its kind. And today, more American women work in education, health services and social assistance than any other. It seems that women are still taking on traditionally female positions like teaching, nursing and social services. These three industries employ nearly one-third of female workers.

Did you know that women have also invented such things as white out, bras, the dishwasher, disposable diapers and more? I didn’t realize that a woman named Mary Anderson was granted a patent for the windshield wiper in 1903. Windshield wipers became standard equipment on cars in 1916. She isn’t alone in her inventiveness, today, 70% of women, not only work outside the home, but hold a wider variety of jobs, with some making it to the top of business, science and technology fields.

Take some time this month to remember the women who have worked so hard to make it possible for women in business to succeed today, and how we are helping the women business owners of the future! One of the simplest ways to celebrate is to thank those in your life who have inspired you. Whether it’s a homemade card sent to gal pals living a few states over or a note for the lady across the street, celebrating the women in your life who have helped you become who you are is a wonderful way to celebrate the month. We can all do more to elevate progress for every woman while uplifting one another. Reach out to some of the women that have inspired you and let them know!

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